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Posted on Aug 1, 2016 2:20pm CDT

When you notice mold in your basement near Baltimore, you should not hesitate to call for mold remediation. If you ignore mold anywhere in your home, including the bathroom, basement, or attic, you can risk a number of dangers to your health and your home. Here are the ways that mold can damage your life if it’s left unchecked.

Mold Remediation Servies in Maryland by Budget Basement Waterproofing

It Can Significantly Harm Your Health

Mold has been found to affect people with symptoms ranging from mild allergic reactions to severe respiratory distress. Minor exposure to mold may result in allergy symptoms, such as a stuffy nose or sore throat. Continued exposure can exacerbate asthma symptoms and bring on skin rashes. If allowed, prolonged mold exposure can affect the lungs with mold infections and even mold growth. Some molds have been found to contain mycotoxins, which can cause toxicity in humans and animals. There have even been recent studies that suggest mold exposure in young children can result in asthma development.

It Can Damage Your Home

If mold is caught early, it can be easily cleaned up without damages to the home. When mold is ignored, it will spread throughout the surrounding area and into the rest of your home. The longer mold continues to grow on your walls, insulation, or fixtures, the more damage it can cause. Mold can eat away at your drywall or wallpaper, causing it to crack or become irreparably damaged. If mold continues to spread, your home may be in need of an extensive mold cleaning and home renovation.

It Can Drain Your Bank Account

The longer mold is ignored, the more damage to your health and home it will cause. These damages will result in significant expenses in healthcare and mold remediation. Healthcare expenses may be permanent if the mold exposure resulted in asthmatic symptoms or other severe health concerns. If your home is in need of a deep mold cleaning and an extensive remodel, then you will have significant expenses on top of healthcare costs.