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Basement Waterproofing in Baltimore, MD

Basement waterproofing is a vital step in protecting the value of your home and the health of your family. Waterproofing your basement may include many solutions, such as removing existing water in your basement, sump pump installation, adding exterior drainage solutions, and using a dehumidifier regularly. The basement contractors at Budget Waterproofing, Inc. can help you address flooded basements and moisture issues with professional mold removal, sump pump maintenance, and other solutions to achieve a waterproof basement near Baltimore.

Dealing With A Wet Basement

A wet basement isn’t just a temporary issue that can be ignored. Water in your basement is a sign of a much larger problem that must be addressed by a professional basement contractor.

  • One of the most significant reasons you should never ignore a wet basement is the health implications of standing water in your home. Mold can begin growing within just 24 hours of moisture penetration, leading to poor air quality inside your home that can exacerbate allergies, asthma, and other respiratory issues. Having mold in your basement usually requires a mold removal specialist to get rid of any mold. Pests such as mice, birds, raccoons, and insects are also attracted by a ready source of water, causing a mess and potentially exposing your family to disease via urine, droppings, or physical contact with infected animals.
  • A wet basement is a sign that water can easily penetrate the structure of your home. Water in your basement may also indicate unstable soil around your foundation. This can lead to settling and damage that affects your foundation and the other structural elements of your home, including walls and floors. Ignoring a wet basement could leave you to deal with widespread foundation repairs or replacement of many of the elements of your home.
flooded basement clean up

Statistics About Waterproof Basements

Even if you’ve never experienced a problem with water in your basement, it could only be a matter of time. According to the various home inspection and flood protection agencies,

  • more than 60% of all U.S. homes with basements have existing moisture problems at any given time.
  • up to 90% of all new homes that include basements will develop basement water problems within 10-15 years of construction.
  • approximately 38% of homes that develop moisture problems in the basement subsequently develop mold in the basement and require professional mold removal and remediation.
  • over the course of a 30-year mortgage, your chances of suffering a flooded basement are more than five times greater than your chances of suffering a fire.

Modern techniques for waterproofing basements and sump pump installation can save you from a wet basement and the many problems it brings. Contact Budget Waterproofing Inc at 410-609-1240 to discuss waterproofing basements, mold remediation, and sump pumps in Baltimore today.

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