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Posted on Aug 8, 2016 2:20pm CDT

Crawl space vapor barriers are another solution in crawl space waterproofing in Baltimore. A long sheet of material—ranging from aluminum to polyethylene plastic sheets—is installed in your crawl space to help control the humidity and moisture levels in the air. This crawl space waterproofing technique can help prevent many damaging aftereffects of water damage in your crawl space.

Block Water Penetration Installation in Maryland

Block Water Penetration

By installing a crawl space vapor barrier, excessive moisture from the ground below will be prevented from entering your crawl space. Without a proper installation of a vapor barrier, your crawl space could end up showing signs of mold or mildew. You may also notice a musty odor, water leaks or streaks across the walls, or standing water in your crawl space. With a crawl space vapor barrier installed, these water damage issues, and many more, can be prevented from potentially ruining your crawl space.

Discourage Insect Infestation

Many insects and rodents thrive in musty and moisture-filled areas. The soil is typically rich in moisture and nutrients. Surrounding wood may become rotted, making the perfect home for many invading insects. With crawl space waterproofing and a crawl space vapor barrier, the moisture will lessen. Insects will have little reason to make their nests or find food in your crawl space, because there will be very little moisture to make the area an ideal place to live. By preventing insect infestations, you can protect the interior of your home, as well as your crawl space.

Prevent Mold Growth

If you have mold growth in your crawl space or basement, you risk your home and your family’s health. Mold spores can multiply and cause various degrees of allergic reactions to respiratory distress in humans and animals. Installing a vapor barrier can help prevent mold growth in your crawl space by lowering the humidity levels. High humidity levels and warmth create the perfect breeding ground for mold, so install a vapor barrier to prevent mold in your crawl space.