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Examining the Different Types of Concrete Sealer

When completing a basement waterproofing project, you should seal the concrete inside your home as well as the concrete around the perimeter of it to prevent water from seeping into it and causing ...
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The Benefits of a Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

You probably don’t spend much time looking in your crawl space, but you should seriously consider having crawlspace waterproofing done to prevent the growth of mold and other problems in it. ...
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Checking Your Home for Mold

If you own a home, you should inspect it periodically for mold and have mold remediation done right away if you find any. Watch this video to learn more about doing mold cleaning serving Baltimore to ...
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What Conditions Does Mold Need to Grow?

In order to keep your home safe, you should take the necessary steps to prevent mold from growing. Otherwise, you may need to have mold remediation done to remove it one day, and it will likely be ...
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The Steps of Preventing Mold in Your Home

Mold grows in damp, dark areas of the home. Those who are allergic to mold or who have asthma can experience a range of symptoms when exposed to mold—such as headache, stuffy nose, nausea, and ...
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Tips for Solving Basement Moisture Problems

Excessive basement moisture is common in Baltimore. Unfortunately, in less than 48 hours moisture buildup can cause mold in the basement. To avoid needing mold remediation in Baltimore, follow these ...
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Cleaning Up a Mold Problem

Mold can cause serious structural problems in your home and can even create a health hazard. If you need mold removal in Baltimore, contact Budget Waterproofing for responsive and thorough mold ...
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Is Crawl Space Encapsulation Right for Your Property?

Crawl space encapsulation is one of the best ways to keep mold out of the inside of your home. But it is just one of many methods of mold prevention. Other options include installing a crawlspace ...
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Spotting the Signs of Water Damage in Your Bathroom

Water can do some serious damage to your bathroom and, in some cases, you might not even recognize it right away. A leaky pipe behind a wall can lead to the need for mold remediation and other costly ...
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Spotlight on Sump Pump Installation

Basement flooding can be very problematic for homeowners. Fortunately, a sump pump installation can prevent flooding from taking place. Budget Waterproofing Inc. specializes in sump pumps in Baltimore ...
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How Your Sump Pump Works

If your home has a basement, then you should have a sump pump installed. Sump pump installation near Baltimore will prevent your basement from flooding. Watch this video to see how a sump pump can ...
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Tips for Avoiding Basement Flooding

Cleaning out a basement that has been flooded can be a real chore, so why not take steps to avoid having a flooded basement in the first place? From cleaning out your gutters to doing basement ...
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A Homeowner's Guide to Sump Pump Maintenance

If you have a basement in your home, then you likely have a sump pump that works to keep it dry at all times. The sump pump’s job is to sit in a sump pit where ground water collects and pump it ...
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Basement Waterproofing Terms: Efflorescence

Do you need to have basement waterproofing done to your home? You might not think so if you haven’t seen water in basement near Baltimore. However, Budget Waterproofing Inc. specializes in ...
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Why Basements and Water Are a Bad Mix [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you have a basement and haven’t thought about waterproofing, your home could be in jeopardy. 60% of basements have a moisture issue at any given point, and if you have a new home with a ...
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Your Waterproofing Options

Dealing with water in your basement can be a huge headache for homeowners and can cause some serious health risks. It’s why it’s a good idea to consider having basement waterproofing done. ...
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What to Expect from Your Foundation Repair

Have you noticed a lot of water pooling around the foundation of your home? If so, you should have an inspection done to see if it has resulted in any serious damage to your foundation. You should ...
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Understanding the Basics About Mold and Moisture

Mold is more than just a cosmetic issue for your home. When you find mold in your basement or other indoor spaces, this could be a sign that your property is affected by water damage or other serious ...
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Basement Waterproofing Terms: Capillary Action

When you are scheduling basement waterproofing serving Baltimore, it can be helpful to familiarize yourself with some key waterproofing terms. Basement contractors often use specific terminology to ...
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The Process of Installing a Sump Pump

When your basement is experiencing moisture problems, you will typically have the option of either installing a sump pump of scheduling basement waterproofing services. A sump pump is a highly ...
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Do You Need a New Sump Pump?

The winter season is just around the corner, and now is a terrific time to make sure that your sump pump is ready to help you combat winter storms and flooding. Along with basement waterproofing, your ...
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Basement Waterproofing Terms: Acid

Basement waterproofing serving Baltimore can help you keep your home dry and prevent the growth of mold in your basement. If you are curious about how the basement waterproofing process works, you ...
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A Look at the Common Causes of Sump Pump Failure

Your sump pump installation near Baltimore can help you avoid a flooded basement and prevent the need for mold removal in the future. However, sump pumps are not perfect and may fail for a few ...
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The Basement Waterproofing Process

If you are tired of experiencing puddles or finding mold in your basement, it is probably time to seek basement waterproofing serving Baltimore. Your professional waterproofing company can keep your ...
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Frequently Asked Questions About Mold

Homeowners typically seek to remove mold and mildew as soon as they notice the problem via mold removal near Baltimore. If you find mold in your basement on a regular basis, you may be wondering what ...
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