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Your home is your number one investment so you want to make sure that nothing can compromise its value. Foundation leaks are an insidious agent of destruction, eroding your home’s structure and providing risk where you should expect security. Foundation leaks aren’t always easy to spot but they aren’t difficult to fix if you know how to diagnose the problem and get professional help.

Common Signs to Help You Identify a Foundation Leak

  1. Start Outside

By checking around the outside of your home, you should be able to look for tell-tale signs of foundation damage. Common signs include crumbling concrete, shifting soil, or gaps between the foundation and the rest of the structure.

  1. Sinking or Settling Floors

If you have begun noticing your floors sinking or settling unevenly inside your home, you may have a foundation leak causing erosion beneath your house.

  1. Walls That Are Bowing or Bulging

Big differences in the appearances of your home’s walls might indicate water damage. If you notice your walls are bowing or bulging inward it may be a sign of hydrostatic pressure from outside your home’s foundations. Simply put, you may have a compromised foundation that is causing water damage.

  1. Damp or Wet Basement

A soggy basement is a key indicator that your foundation is in trouble. Moisture or water stains in your basement and crawl spaces are sure signs that your foundation might be compromised.

  1. Water Accumulation

Have you started noticing areas of standing water after rainfall or sprinkler runs? If so, you may need to have a professional come check your home’s foundation.

  1. Foundation Cracks

Have you noticed any recent or growing cracks in your foundation? Maybe there have been some small cracks that have recently begun to grow larger or longer. Whether the cracks are vertical or horizontal, what you’re seeing is not normal, and could be an indication that your foundation is shifting due to water movement.

  1. White Powder on Your Baseboards

If it looks out of the ordinary, this white, dust-like powder could be the result of seeping water depositing carried minerals that only become visible once the water has dried. This phenomenon is called efflorescence, and it could be a good sign that water is coming through your home’s foundation.

  1. Musty or Moldy Smells

If you’ve noticed your home smelling stale, musty or moldy, you might have a foundation leak issue on your hands. Mold and mildew thrive in moist environments and might be indicative of water intrusion.

  1. Peeling or Cracking Paint

Paint damage inside or outside your home can result when walls are exposed to moisture from a foundation leak.

  1. Higher Water Bills

If your utility bill has seen a sudden spike in cost, you will want to review it carefully. If the upcharge is water-related, you might have a serious issue on your hands, and you will want to get professional assistance immediately.

Don’t Wait, Call Budget Basement Waterproofing

With over 55 years of experience, Budget Basement Waterproofing have the expertise you need to be assess and repair foundation leaks. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau of Maryland, and our experts are ready to help you solve your water leakage issues. Not only can we accurately diagnose your foundation issues, but we can also provide a comprehensive solution to include fixing leaks, basement waterproofing, mold remediation, and sump pump installation. Call our professionals today at 410-609-1240.