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Whether you have a specific mold allergy or not, mold removal near Baltimore is crucial if you suspect mold in your home. Mold spores can be dangerous to the health of your family and pets, and can also be a damaging presence in your home. Take a look at some of the common symptoms associated with mold allergies, and consider hiring a mold remediation company near you as soon as possible.

Basement Mold Remediation in Maryland

Cold-Like Symptoms

When you experience symptoms similar to a cold—such as sneezing, stuffed sinuses, and coughing—you may want to consider the possibility of mold in your house. If there is a history of a flooded basement or mold in your home, you may be having an allergic reaction to mold. Other symptoms include watery or itchy eyes, itchy nose or throat, and dry skin that looks scaly. Consider recording when these symptoms occur. Are the weather conditions more damp or humid when you feel these allergy symptoms? Do they affect you only when you are in a specific building, house, or area of your house?

Triggered Asthma Symptoms

If you already have asthma, you may notice your regular symptoms flare up when you have a reaction to mold. Respiratory issues like wheezing, tightness in the chest, or short breath could become serious problems if not checked out. Again, take note of when and where these asthma symptoms affect you, and see your medical doctor soon thereafter.

Dangerous Reactions

As stated previously, a mold allergy combined with an asthma condition can trigger a possibly severe asthma attack. Another severe reaction is called hypersensitivity pneumonitis—exposure to mold spores that inflame the lungs. Some people might experience allergic fungal sinusitis when their sinuses become inflamed due to fungus and mold spores. If you have any symptoms or conditions that become dangerous, contact your medical doctor right away. Also, if you suspect these reactions are due to mold in your home, consider hiring mold remediation services.