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Fix Basement Problems in MarylandSometimes, we just don’t want to add another problem to the long list we already have to deal with. This is also true for basement issues: acknowledging that water leaks are inevitable means you have to go through the trouble of finding a reliable Maryland basement waterproofing company, spending money and wasting time.

Our pros at Budget Waterproofing warn you that ignoring the problems and assuming a no-involvement approach will eventually lead to bigger problems. If you are using these arguments to justify your position, we beg you to rethink!

“But it only leaked once”

We’ve heard that before. First of all, there is no proof that it was a single occurrence. Just because you’ve only found water in your basement once, doesn’t mean there was no more leaks when you were away for a vacation or simply when you weren’t looking.

Second of all, if it leaked once, it will probably leak again. And the next time it can be worse. You are testing your luck, which is a risky business.

“I live on top on the hill – can’t touch this”

While an elevated spot is a good location, it doesn’t guarantee your basement is absolutely safe from flooding. Most of the water runs down, but a good portion gets absorbed in the ground around your foundation. So, if you’ve been slacking on some outside maintenance, such as cleaning gutters and drains, a leak is not that impossible.

“I’ve never owned a sump pump and I don’t think I need one now”

Depending on your location, you might not need a sump pump at all. However, if your waterproofing contractor suggests installing one, don’t automatically dismiss it, even if you’ve lived in the same house for many years. Things change: water tables rise, winter dumps more snow, summer drowns with thunderstorms and hurricanes, and even your local ecosystem is changing. That fact that you took down that huge tree last year means all the water it used to absorb now has nowhere to go.

Keep an open mind about sump pump installation. If there was no need for it in the past, it might establish itself in the future.

“Sump pump will solve my problem”

Don’t get us wrong, sump pump can do wonders for your basement, but only if the problem is with the water rising from under your foundation, usually during rain. If you have visible wall cracks or the water is coming through the gaps around your basement windows, sump pump won’t help.

“It’s nothing major; I’ll just paint over it with waterproof paint”

This will certainly save you money … for now. This short-term solution will help control moisture inside the basement and if you patch up cracks beforehand, it might even last you a while. However, you are not addressing the root of the problem: whatever caused cracks in the first place. This could be hydraulic pressure, foundation settlement and even shrubbery growing too close to the house. No matter what it is, it will keep creating cracks, which you won’t be able to see behind the paint job But when they get big enough to show, it’s probably a bit too late.

Have you ever caught yourself making any of these excuses? It’s not too late to reevaluate the condition of your basement and decide whether it would benefit from professional help. Our Baltimore basement waterproofing crew will be happy to get your basement in a top shape! Give us a call to schedule a free estimate.