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The holidays are here again! It’s time to put up the tree, string the lights, and decorate the front porch, living room, and… basement? Sure! Why not? Especially if you’ve got guests who will be spending the holidays in your basement, or you plan to celebrate part of the holiday down there, you might as well make it a festive, beautiful space like the rest of your house. We’ve got some tips for making that happen, so this year you can have a basement that’s the merriest on the block.

  • First things first, make sure it’s dry. Because basements are at least partially underground, dampness can be a real problem. If left unresolved, the excess moisture in your basement can create a welcoming space for mold and mildew, which can certainly dampen (pun intended) your enjoyment of your basement space. If the problem is minor, a dehumidifier might solve it. If you have a major problem with a damp basement, though, it’s a good idea to call in a basement waterproofing company before you go too far with getting it ready for the holidays. A professional waterproofing team can make your basement watertight and prevent any future issues.
  • Another common issue with basements is lack of light. Fortunately, lights are what the holiday season is all about! If your basement doesn’t have enough light fixtures to illuminate it the way you’d like, the holidays give you a great excuse to hang string lights everywhere. You can also bring in table lamps or use tons of candles to create a holiday glow, using beautiful candle holders to add to the festive look of the space. If it still feels a little dim, hang some mirrors to reflect the light and make it seem brighter.
  • Basement floors can be chilly and unsightly. If you don’t have the time or budget to upgrade your flooring ahead of the holidays, consider foam floor mats in a neutral color. These mats are relatively inexpensive, easy to fit together, and easy to pick back up again and store when you’re ready to do something else. Layer some throw rugs on top of your mats and your basement will look pulled together and comfortable.
  • Define how you’ll use your basement space this holiday season. Some people entertain out of town visitors over the holidays, so the basement needs to be a comfortable guest space. Others find it a perfect place to throw a party, while still others use it as a place for people to hang out while holiday preparations are underway. A basement can be particularly handy as a playroom for kids who don’t need to be underfoot, or it can act as a media room for watching your favorite holiday movies.
    • If you’re using it as a guest room: Add curtains to allow privacy or install a bookshelf as a room divider. Make sure your guests have places to sit and store their things as well as sleep.
    • If your basement will be party central: Carefully consider your layout and designate zones to help the party flow. You might have a bar area, a food area, a play area, and a few groupings of furniture to allow for conversation. Decorate with festive décor, perhaps liberally using silver and gold to brighten your space. If you have the room, put up a Christmas tree and if you don’t have enough space, hang garlands around the room with bright bows or ornaments.
    • If you need to make your basement a playroom: Create a kids’ paradise, with games, a television with a video game console, toys, books, and a craft table. Focus on making sure the area is safe for the little ones, with slip proof flooring, rounded corners on furniture, and other safety measure you feel are appropriate for your crowd.
    • If you want to host a movie party: A large flatscreen and a streaming service can help you convert your basement into a movie theater. Provide ample seating, including comfortable cushions on the floor, and fun snacks like popcorn and hot chocolate.

Decorating your basement to make it an inviting, comfortable space is wonderful, but it all starts with a basement that’s clean and dry. When you need help achieving your basement’s full potential, Budget Waterproofing can help. In addition to waterproofing, mold remediation, mold cleaning, and crawl space encapsulation, we provide foundation repair, going beyond patching cracks to find the source of the problem. We also offer installation of the EZ Breathe home ventilation system, to clean the air inside your home. At Budget Waterproofing, we’ve got more than 55 years of experience servicing both commercial and residential customers throughout Maryland. We’re proud of our craftsmanship and confident in our skills, and all our technicians are fully licensed and insured. Whether you need foundation repair, basement waterproofing, a drainage system, crawl space waterproofing, or egress window installation, we’ve got you covered, with the experience and skills necessary to improve your basement and protect your family. For more information, contact us today.