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When you hear scratches in the night or even a scurrying chase, a less-than-comforting feeling sets in. As you begin to investigate, more evidence comes from chewed up plastic or bites out of anything that can be chewed through. Disgusting droppings on the floor and/ or other surfaces in your crawl space all point to one thing. You have an unwelcome visitor (or, more likely, visitors) and you need help!

Your crawl space does not have to be a dark, damp playground for unwanted pests. More importantly, rodents and other intruders can create dangerous living conditions for your loved ones by causing allergy and respiratory problems, not to mention how unsanitary of an environment that rodents can create. There are actions that can be taken to prevent or improve this scenario completely, allowing you and yours to truly relax in the comforts of your own home.

Here are some ideas for precautions to take to ensure a pest-free home.

Food and Water Storage

Crawl spaces can be used to store many things, like tools, bikes, or even fishing gear. However, your crawl space is not the proper location for storing food or water. Storing food in the crawl space creates an invitation to an open buffet for any mouse, rat, or cockroach lurking nearby. Water containers, particularly plastic, will be quickly chewed through and consumed/ wasted. Where there is food or water, there are also nests and breeding spaces for such pests. If food storage is needed outside of the kitchen, try using the basement or garage and keep food stored in air-tight containers that are inside and away from outdoor temptations.

Open Spaces= Open Invitations

Unlike invited guests who will ring the doorbell, pests will find any and every space to squeeze on in. Vents, cracks and any entry point will turn into easy access for these invaders. Additionally, these spaces can allow water and moisture to enter your crawl space, allowing additional problems to arise including mold and mildew. Crawlspace repair, sealing cracks and vents, is the most helpful when trying to gain control over this environment.

Bushes and Other Vegetation

Pests, such as squirrels and rats, will use bushes, debris, and vegetation for hiding and nesting. It is important to keep all vegetation trimmed and away from the side of your home or business so that rodents cannot use them as helpful ways to climb into cracks or other spaces that may be forming in your foundation or home. Rocks, sticks, leaves, and other debris are invitations to create breeding grounds on your property. Keep spaces clear and trimmed and you will reduce the risk of pest invasion.

Vapor Barrier and Encapsulation

Dirt floors are also extremely inviting for pests and also promote a moist environment. The air quality of your crawlspace can become significantly compromised with the droppings and urine from pests as well as mold and mildew that may grow in moist conditions. Having a vapor barrier installed will provide a wall, or blockade, between spaces where pests and moisture may enter and compromise the air that you will breathe. Vapor barriers are created by placing a 20-mil plastic sheet on the floor of the crawlspace to prevent digging, nesting, or moisture from being attracted to the area. Encapsulating the crawlspace will provide that barrier for the entire crawlspace, including vents. These processes can also significantly lower your energy bills while improving air quality. Maintaining this work is also a key component for keeping a healthy crawlspace free of moisture and pests.


Exterminators can help with being proactive to deter pests. If pests are already invading your space, it is good to call on an exterminator to ensure that chemicals and pesticides are being used safely and responsibly. Hiring professionals is important and helpful in protecting your family.

Wet Insulation and Rotten Beams

Over time, fiberglass insulation can absorb moisture and create a moist environment that allows beams to rot. Remove wet insulation and replace rotten beams as quickly as possible to keep safe conditions in your crawl space.

Budget Waterproofing has more than 50 years of experience in helping businesses and homeowners achieve safe, healthy conditions in both basements and crawlspaces. Our company and employees hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau of Maryland. We proudly serve the following counties:

  • Anne Arundel
  • Baltimore
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  • Frederick
  • Harford
  • Howard
  • Kent
  • Montgomery
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  • Queen Anne’s

We take pride in the trusted referrals of our numerous satisfied customers and are eager to serve you with any of your home or business needs. Now is a great time to repair your crawlspace and prevent pest and air quality problems from haunting you! Please contact us at 410-609-1240 for a free estimate today.