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Summer is here and that means time for fun in the sun! Barbecues, outdoor games, ice-cream sundaes, and maybe even pool parties! Summer was made for fun and living care-free! However, your foundation may bring some not-so-fun scenarios into summer living if you’re not aware of what to watch for. Let’s look at some warning signs and major problems that we at Budget Waterproofing would like to help you know about.

Bringing the Heat

As the temperatures rise, soil undergoes a lot of changes. In extreme dry heat, the soil will begin to crack and contract. Drastic changes, such as those of contracting or expanding, can play a harsh tole on your home’s foundation. Be sure to watch for these warning signs throughout the dry heat of summer:

  • Change in cracks (becoming larger OR smaller)
  • Appearance of new cracks
  • Bowing foundation which causes the floor to become uneven
  • Cracks in stairs

Rain, Rain, Rain

Many people will then begin to water the soil when mother nature denies those lush, green lawns the rain that is required. There may also likely be periods of heavy rain, which causes the soil to expand. Flooding is going to quickly change your situation and cause your foundation to respond to the expanding and contracting that is occurring. Cracks may appear in places that you never even saw them before. Small cracks may become larger. In either case, you may notice leaks in your basement, crawlspace, or other areas of your house.

Let our experts fix basement cracks, perform crawlspace repair, waterproof your basement, and assist with wet basement repair before an inconvenience becomes an emergency.

Puddles= Problems

Drainage issues around your home can create puddles AND major problems for your foundation. Remember that water and rain cause soil to expand. And cause the foundation to push inward, causing more cracks to form and appear. Your house could even begin to sink.


Isn’t it nice, on those rare occasions that a cool, summer breeze may blow to open the windows or screen doors and let the feeling of the fresh wind blow through your home? While it can be a relaxing experience, you may also notice doors and windows stick or jam or even drag because the foundation becomes uneven during the hot summer months. This is yet another problem that we have solutions for!

Experts in Basement Waterproofing in Maryland

In addition to solving residential and commercial waterproofing needs, we also offer:

With more than 55 years of waterproofing and water damage solutions, we hold an A+ rating with the BBB of Maryland and serve as a member of the Maryland Multi-housing Association.

For more information, call 410-690-4970.