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Reasons for Basement Getting Wet by Budget Basement Waterproofing in MarylandWater in the basement can be a problem for a number of reasons; without basement waterproofing in Baltimore, you may experience issues like water damage and mold growth. These may not only be costly to repair but also problematic in terms of your overall well being and the general health of your family. In order to fully treat a wet basement, you must find out where the moisture came from in the first place. Read on if you would like to learn about the causes behind wet basements. Determining the cause behind your wet basement allows you to get to the root of the problem and design an effective treatment plan. Your basement may be wet for several reasons. Many homeowners experience moisture in their basements because of leaky pipes or clogs and sewage backup. Others have gutter downspouts that fail to prevent water from accumulating around your home when it rains. Make sure that your basement does not have any large or deep cracks in the walls that may allow moisture from outside to work its way in. You should also ensure that your basement windows are properly sealed and that you close them when you turn on your sprinklers.