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basement waterproofing baltimoreBasement waterproofing serving Baltimore can help you keep your home dry and prevent the growth of mold in your basement. If you are curious about how the basement waterproofing process works, you might want to consider familiarizing yourself with the associated terminology. This will help you understand exactly what your mold removal professionals are doing to keep water out of your basement. Continue reading if you are interested in learning about one basement waterproofing term: acid.

In terms of basement waterproofing terminology, acid refers to the acidic quality of silt that may find its way into your basement walls. This occurs when the outside water pressure that surrounds your basement walls overcomes the air pressure within your walls. Your basement walls may shift when these two types of pressure are out of balance, and this can lead to cracks. As your walls absorb water, acidic silt follows along. Unfortunately, this acidic silt is problematic because it can react with the foundation block’s adhesive. A reaction between the adhesive and the acidic silt can result in structural damage due to the hydrostatic pressure. Always call a professional basement waterproofing service to complete a waterproofing treatment so you can enjoy professional results.