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Basement Maintenance & Repair in MarylandSometimes basement water damage is not as obvious as expected. At any given moment, at least 60 percent of homeowners may have some sort of water damage in their basement. If left untreated, water buildup in your basement may cause mold growth that requires professional removal and remediation. This is why it’s important to detect the damage and call for basement waterproofing in Baltimore. Read on to learn how to utilize your senses to detect a water leak in your basement before it’s too late.

Look for Water Stains

The most obvious sign of water damage is an accumulating stain on your ceiling, walls, or floor. If you’ve lived in your house for a while and have just started to notice water stains, it could be time to call a professional. Catching water damage before it gets worse is the best way to prevent further damage and expenses. If you are looking to buy a home and spot a water stain, be sure to ask for proof that the problem has been addressed.

Smell It Out

Sometimes it is hard to see water damage, but you can often count on your nose to find it. More often than not, if you sniff closely you will be able to smell mildew from moisture damage. There may be an overall musty smell in your old home, but the smell will be much more pronounced in rooms with active water damage. This could signify that there is water behind the walls or under the floorboards.

Listen for Leakage

If you think you’ve been hearing drips of water indoors lately, you’re probably right. The next time it rains, try to make your house as entirely quiet as possible. Turn off the television, central heating and air system, and other utilities. Then stand in various places where you think there might be a leak and listen for the sound of dripping.

Feel for Buckling

Sometimes you can sense water damage in your basement just by walking over an area. When drywall or wood absorbs water it swells, and you can usually feel it buckle when pressure is applied. This is often a sign of extensive damage, and professional waterproofing contractors should be called.